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The school district is debating putting locator chips in student ID’s, because of truancy rates that cost the school district millions. These Smart IDs should not be implemented into the school district, and have been avoided by school’s in the past. The locator chips are also highly opposed by the Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU and Christian fundamentalist.
Multiple parents are concerned for their students religious rights. Smart Id’s are a form of idolatry, which is a sin. This situation has led to the ACLU and christian fundamentalist to strongly protest against the use of Smart Id’s. These protests are not only for the religious rights of students, but also for the safety of the students.
The technology that smart ID’s use are easy victims to hackers. This means that anyone with computer skills could locate any student at anytime. If a hacker gained access to the code associated to the Smart ID, they could know there where abouts at any given time. Thus, putting the student in massive danger. This hackable trackers could possibly lead to the kidnapping and even rape or murder of students.
However the idea to easily account for students during an emergency is a good idea, but the technology itself is not reliable. The technology was originally made to track cattle and shipping goods not people. Yes the Smart ID’s would save the school district millions, but is that extra money worth the risk of the childrens safety.
The controversial chips have urged Rutherford