Journalism: Poverty and People Essay

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Have you ever been hungry but didn't have money to buy even piece of bread. Or felt so sick that you need to go to the doctor but you can't afford it. Many families wake up every morning knowing that they can't bring food to the table for their children to eat, or take their sick child to the doctor but can't because they can't afford it. I think that poverty is a big issue but only a few are doing something about it. In my opinion, poverty should be the first issue to address in many countries. Instead of spending all that money on military and investing on the wealthy people only, they should start helping the poor and sick. The governments from all the countries should spend more money and time trying to end poverty instead of making weapons and wars. If all the money and time that went in to the military were spent helping the poor and sick all these families would be able to live a better and more suitable life then what they are living right now. Most of the time wars are the beginning of a family being poor. Imagine all the innocent that lost their home and all they have ever work for because of the war we just had a couple of years ago. They had everything ad the war destroyed it all. With that being said, what society don't understand is that survival of the fitted isn't the way of life anymore. Everyday the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer. If the rich started giving more to the needed we would have less people being poor. And with less