Essay about Journals: Technology and Social Media

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Yanet Miranda
Professor Chao
ENG 103
25 June 2014
Argume+Paper : Social Media Throughout the years as technology advances we began to see rapid changes that helps grow America in ways we didn’t even expect. Though technology has helped society in the field of business from writing on paper and laptops to the instant use of tablets that link up to computers, and to our number one base of communication through social media; I cant help but question has our ability to communicate decrease because of the internet. In recent experiences through social networking I had seen people from high school very popular on the net, but when in person the person is just merely just another body moving around through school, unnoticed and unable to communicate they way the projected themselves has confident on social media. There is a debate in America whether or not social networking is making us more anti social. Michael b barley has said “Too much time online makes people more likely to go offline in real life” in his story on the Washington post. I disagree with Him because sociall media has helped people create business from home, communicate with anyone and find a community that helps grow religion or culture. with the power to make choices for themselves the internet has shown to people endless opportunities. Because of social media, people are able to work at home. Just as technologies have been developed and improved to protect us in our neighborhood and homes, like door locks, security systems, and outdoor lighting, new technologies will also be needed to deter wrongful action and protect those in our virtual communities who cannot protect themselves. Recent advances in filtering