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Choices are what we human would always go through no matter how much we try to avoid it. But, we also always remind ourselves to expect the unexpected but we tend to not expect anything that our minds won’t even imagine. We are humans, falling into mistakes is our nature none is immaculate. Such as one brave man who was dragged down into a trap he never expects or you may say, imagine himself to be in.
The choices he had was whether he would stay in the country he is from which is Egypt, that is currently going through so much political problem or go back to his hometown, Saudi Arabia, where his parents are living at the moment.
An eighteen year old boy who has recently graduate from Saudi Arabia and decides to complete his Studies in Egypt, little did he not know that the country was going through a tough time, where Egypt did not have a president ruling the country and people were continuously protesting. But it was too late for him to leave; he was already settled down and got accepted in the University he has always dreamt about. When he told his parents the entire problem Egypt was going through, they were horrified that their only son was dragged down into a war zone and of course they ordered him back to Saudi, but he did not accept, even though he did not live in Egypt he wanted to be part of the protestors and help make a difference. His parents could not say nor do anything that would change His decision. He is in a mission that would take a million things to get him out of. He is truly dedicated to a country he has not lived in for so long but would do anything for the freedom to the people. What would definitely amaze people is how an eighteen year old boy can be this concentrated and dedicated on certain topics and matters.
His goal suddenly changed, he no longer wants to become a pharmacists but he still would attend all his university classes, then would go help protest; He has also became a member of the Revolutionary Socialism Movement which refers to socialist tendencies that subscribe to the doctrine that a social revolution is necessary in order to effect structural changes to society.
Egypt’s military group are very harsh on the protestors, too hard on them that He got arrested by the military officers for an investigation about an article he wrote. Everyone would tell him to not get involve because he’s getting in trouble that he should not be in but he would always say “It’s too late, last November I got shot by cartridge ammo on my knee and my arm, I’ve got a friend who passed away, there is no going back!”. He refused to give everything up he thinks it’s would be a cowardly move, he is convinced that he