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My first sight of the world was meaningless and pointless at times. I grew up as a distraught adolescent who was always troubled in life. Not appreciating what was out there; I only cared about myself and didn’t care about the people around me. The biggest problem for me in life was that I had a communication disability. Ever since then society was a difficult and rough pathway for me to endure.
At school I was familiarise and overwhelmed at the same time by the amount of kids who could actually speak English properly and I couldn’t. Little did I know that this sophisticated, foreign language was going to help me discover my place in this world. One by one my classmates raised their hands up and spoke fluently as if they have been in this situation before, but they learn to improve and develop their knowledge to becoming who they are now. As days go by, I hear these conversations time and time again as if it was part of a daily routine. I always hear them talk, but I was unable to understand what they truly meant. The expressive words that come out of their mouths reveal something more meaningful to them. Not only were these words important, but they also reflect ideas, sounds, gestures and feelings of one another.
On TV, I saw a man holding hands with a woman. At first I wondered why this man was making contact with this woman. Is it because he loved her or is it because he despised her, what did this man hope for? It was through these feelings and ideas that introduce to us the form of communication. I never knew that the world was so complicated like that. Each and every one of these words represented something important in our daily lives. It was like the whole world was connected to this one particular language. You feel so small and insignificant, but at the same time it gives you a sense of being something huge.
From there on, my life changed around when I first attended my English tutor. I started learning new words that I have never heard before. Adjectives, nouns, verbs adverbs. It was part of the structure of the English language used in everyday conversations. I was constantly reminded of every step I made. Expanding new vocabulary into my head, mimicking the teacher’s sentences and words, and applying what I have learnt and writing sentences to help improve my literacy skills. Every day I practice and practice until I was fluent and comfortable enough saying them aloud and writing them out. The more I learnt, the more I valued and cherished every one last bit and ultimately it was going to lead me somewhere in life where I would be successful. Although I