Journey of Forgiveness Essay

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Forgiveness is something that is sometimes hard to attain. People sometimes find it hard to forgive others due to the circumstance of the situation. Forgiveness is an ability that is needed in order for you to be a nice person. This story is a story that explains to us how forgiveness is needed to survive.

Life without a mother was pretty hard for Jailene. She was a baby when her mom left her at the foster home due to her inability to take care of her. Jailene spent her childhood in the foster home without a mother or friends to love and care for her. When she was 19 she searched for her mom on the internet and realized that her mom is alive and lived in Los Angeles. Due to her disappointment she decides to travel to Los Angeles to find her mom. Surprised and angry as she was, she decided to look for her and make her pay for abandoning her and leaving her all by herself for nineteen years.

Months of search finally paid off when she located her mom. She began to plan her revenge against her mom. She was attacked and captured as a prisoner when she was looking for a place to stay for the week. She was attacked by some gangster and captured as their slave, luckily she wasn’t raped or abused. Throughout her stay with the gangster, she met Kenny who has been in the prison for years but he was young and healthy looking. Jailene started a friendship with him. He then revealed that he was planning to escape sooner or later from the prison that he found an air vent that led outside.

At first Jailene didn’t believe him since she knew him for a short period of time but she had to trust him in order to get out of the “rat hole”. Though she had her doubts she somewhat trusted him. They decided to escape in the night when the gangster’s were all asleep. When they were about to leave one of the gansgster’s decided to check up on them so he could have some fun with Jailene because she was pretty and he was bored. When he got there he noticed the cell was empty. He then notified the leader of the gang and he ordered a search to find them everywhere they can. Jailene got scared when she heard the gangsters overlapping voices getting closer and closer. She then prompted Ken to hurry up to escape before they catch up to them, he assured her that no one can see is hear them but she still quivered.

As they continued going the approached a light and got excited thinking they were almost outside. Until they realized it was a torchlight coming towards them. They were a little scared thinking it might be the gangsters, and unfortunately it was them. They began to back up quietly and slowly. While the gangster was climbing he remembered he needed to pee so he went back. This was a great advantage for them to escape and not to be found, but Jailene was scared and didn’t want to move. Ken could have left her there, but he didn’t even though he wanted to escape badly and be free once again. Being a gentleman he convinced Jailene that they had to leave which took some time but she finally agreed. As soon as they took on step forward they heard the gangster coming back towards them.

They immediately stopped until they heard footsteps retrieving. They completed hurried to leave before another one came back. They finally saw the end of the vent which led outside. When they finally got outside, Jailene was so grateful she kissed ken which was weird because she hated his guts. Ken was so shocked for a second and finally said “thank you and have a nice life”, Jailene responded by saying “goodluck”. They both went their separate ways only for a minute when ken caught up to her and offered to help Jailene find her mom. She didn’t agree at first bit considering he knew every corner of Los Angeles she accepted his help and they both walk together. Because Jailene had no money after being robbed, ken considered using his life time savings to rent a room in a motel for them to spend the night. Jailene was all weird about