Journey: Percy Bysshe Shelley and Past Age Land Essay

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1. The concept of journey has strengths and weaknesses because when you're travelling on a journey to somewhere you don't know what you'll find on your way or what obstacle can come at you. The poem is called ''Ozymandias'' By Percy Bysshe Shelley. There was a traveller that was having a journey in the past age land , the face was sunk in the sand frowning and worthless , the traveller reads the description on the statue. The statue was of ''Ozymandias king of kings'' , Ozymandia was a arrogant person that thinks he could grab everybody attention. He was the most powerful king even the common kings could not surpass him. Death and time will erase human achievements. All there was left was a ruined face and the king thought he would live forever but at the end no one lives forever in this society. Teaches about our mortality and limits of our powers or achievements. All that was left was the old, shattered statue that was landing on the sand.
Quote 1: The quote in the poem that said ''Half sunk shatted visage'' - The image of the statue was half way sunk through the sand and you could see the ruined, old and shattered face of the statue that has been there for over 3000 years and all thats left is the remaining.
Quote 2: The quote in the poem that says ''Cold command'' - It shows that the king has no feelings for anyone what so ever and he thinks that his got all the power to rule this country forever but no one can live forever so now nothing remains.
Quote 3: The quote in the poem that says ''King of Kings'' - his comparing himself that his a better king then anyone else who rule the country and his being too arrogant about being the king.
Quote 4: ''look on my works ye mighty and despair'' - who ever doesn't have any power or listens to the leaders commands or gets influenced in a statue can be built for them or else they will be