Journey: Poetry and Shakespeare Essay

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Why should we read Shakespeare’s plays when we could be reading modern ones that deal with life and problems of today?

William Shakespeare was a scriptwriter that lived in the 1500’s. Shakespeare is said to be one of the best scriptwriters of all time. He has written at least 37 plays that vary from hate, love, drama, comedy and many more. His plays were very popular and liked during his time and even up until today. But why do we still read his plays if it was written centuries ago? There are many reasons. Even though it was written centuries ago, his plays still relate to our modern life and problems.

Firstly, the themes Shakespeare has used in his plays are very similar to those now. Although Shakespeare had written his plays centuries ago, the themes he used are still relevant across many generations now. His plays were most appealing to teenagers because it could relate to them the most. What is most appealing about Shakespeare’s dramas was the unique attitude he presented and displayed in his play.

Secondly, the subjects presented in Shakespeare’s dramas were based on people and the drama they had centuries ago. Although it was shown in form of a performance, it shows how life was back then and problems that would occur between different people. This is educational because you learn about how the lifestyle was centuries ago.

Lastly, studying William Shakespeare’s plays will help students improve their literature overall. Shakespeare’s complex style of