Journey To Discovery Michael Gow Analysis

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Discoveries can be provocative and challenging that embarks individuals on a confronting journey to rediscover meaning, or discover a new aspect for the first time. In order for a discovery to be transformative, an individual must first develop an ideology of being open-minded, strengthening an individual to overcome challenges, as too, perceive society differently.
A transformative journey is identified through Michael Gow’s character representation of Gwen. Her once fractured and frantic mindset between herself and others depicts the lack of discovery the individual has experienced. Gwen’s journey to discovery is evidential through the use of the rhetorical question “what did you do Shakespeare for?.... very silly choice if you ask me”. Gwen’s
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Through the usage of the rhetorical question; establishes the importance of having a catalyst to shift the pre-established perspectives. The confronting and provocative journey for Gwen is highlighted through the symbolism of “lost” keys. “No. No. No… I haven’t come across any keys yet”, positions the audience to realise that Gwen is the one whom is hindering herself at making a discovery. The hypothetical “locked” door, creates the ideology that a journey to discovery first has to be explored before the ultimate discovery can occur. Through the usage of mime, it is evident that Gwen was pushed into making a self-discovery. The catalyst of the storm and Tom’s illness allowed Gwen to come to the realisation that her life and the ones she values are of great importance and that she must find peace in relationships. Through the knowledge of Tom’s terminal illness, Gwen’s perspectives, values and relationships shifted greatly. The value of physical possessions have diminished as Gwen know knows the true value and the meaning of health, family and relationships. The mime supplies great evidence