Journey to the Safari Essay

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Question 1:
The painting in source A was produced during the reign of King Henry VII because Henry wanted to show that he was rich, powerful and a better king than Francis I. The way he is portrayed is as being powerful. The way we know this is his stance. The reason it is his stance that portrays him as powerful is that he is standing tall and with his arms clenched by his sides. This shows that he is strong and powerful; because of this, the country must be as well. Another way Henry is seen as rich and powerful in his clothes show how wealthy he is and how wealthy England will be. These were jewel encrusted. If he was wearing clothes with jewels, the country must be able to pay for the clothes that he was wearing therefore the country must also be rich and powerful. He where’s lot of expensive jewellery which shows that the country has to be able to pay and wear the jewels for themselves as well. In the painting its shows that he has a dagger in his left hand which is clenched, it seems as if he just came from hunting, whereupon the people are going to be relieved because sends a message that no one will go against or mess with him or they will be going against England, his posture shows him standing big and bold which indicates of how powerful he is, it is mainly on the fact that he is the strongest and no one will have the guts to stand up at him.
Question 3:
Source K and source J do not support each other’s because source k is about the cardinal and source j is about king henry.However if you look closely you can tell what the cardinal ,what he implies through his speech is quite a bit but supports the content in source D.
Source k, doesn’t really say anything relevant to source but then the paragraph is dedicated to describe the king. It implies how lazy and irresponsible the king is, but also says that he is very talented and active, it says in that paragraph that “young had brilliance, but his talents are ill disciplined and ill directed “and it mentions that he made a slight illness an ready excuse for refusing to work for days, this sentence show’s how much king henry hates his work and how lazy he is when it comes to work.