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Pre- Journey Writing

My name is Jabulile Ndiaye. I was born in the small, but ever growing town of Thaba Tseka in Lesotho of southern Africa.
My family has deeply rooted Zulu culture in it. Growing up, one of our many traditions included worshipping the god of the sky, Unkulunkulu, who had a daily impact on our peoples’ lives for good or for evil. Unkulunkulu was said to be the god of the people and slave to a greater Lord who created all the greater things in the universe. The Zulu believe that when they die, they will join Unkulunkulu in his realm in the heavens.
Growing up in a town with very limited resources, I didn’t get much exposure to the outside world. During my teenage years, I ventured out to The Americas, trying to break away from the restricting boundaries of my small town. I moved into New York City and over the course of my stay there, I converted to Christianity and obtained a degree as a physician. At this point in my life, as a Christian, my faith was now based on the teachings of God through the Bible and the life example and teachings of Jesus Christ. Traditional Christian beliefs include the belief of one true God and that Jesus was sent forth as the Messiah. Traditional practices of Christianity include gathering at worship places to praise God, to study His word, and to engage in fellowship. Most Christians also practice communion (or the Lords’ evening meal) and baptism. One trade mark of Christianity is that they have the command by Jesus Christ to evangelize about their faith. Some holy sites for my newfound religion include the city of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Jordan River, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the temple mount ( the place where Solomon’s’ temple once stood). There are three major different denominations of Christianity:…