Joy Luck Club Culture

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What is culture? Culture is the arts, The manifestation of human style, The practices and characteristics of a group of people.In the Joy Luck Club, Author Amy Tan describes the culture of China so the readers get a sense of what the character's are alike. This helps the reader's so that they understand what the character traits are. An example of this is that marriage is based on the red candle that has to be lit during the wedding day. They believe if the candle stays on until the following day the marriage is a successful marriage however if it is not then it is a marriage of lost hope.The males get married to have an offspring to carry on the family reputation.Chinese women are not allowed to leave a marriage at all.Very similar to china, Pakistan respects the vales of marriage, In Pakistan, A marriage is seen as a commitment and tradition suggests that it should not be broken. During a wedding ceremony, We get together to celebrate with food and discussions about the bride similar to the Chinese tradition of lighting a candle, My culture blesses the couple by reciting specific verses and poetry to ensure a happy, lasting marriage. …show more content…
In the Joy luck Club, four women who have created the joy luck club bonded while playing manjong during the war in China. They shared cultural beliefs and cultural food. They shared the cultural the cultural game of manjong and the amount of happiness that was brought by the Chinese. By sharing common culture beliefs of the game manjong it would bring luck. These women went through many struggles which brought them, Much closer. In my culture we gather together with family and friends during a day we call Eid and we give out money to the younger ones By getting together to celebrate special holidays, traditions and customs continue for