Essay on Joy Luck Club Symbols

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Red Candle:(The red candle symbolizes Chinese traditions) When Lindo Jong was married, her and her husband lit a red candle with a wick at each end. On one end of the candle has the name of bride carved in it and the other end has the grooms name. According to Chinese beliefs, if the candle burns all night without burning out, custom says that the marriage with be a success and full of happiness. Within the Chinese culture, a lit red candle symbolizes a success in a marriage, but also traditional Chinese customs. Lindo is very unhappy about her forced marriage so in the middle of the night she secretly blows out her husband’s side of the candle as an attempt to end the marriage. Blowing out the candle frees her from her husband and lets Lindo take control of her own fate. When the family sees that the candle is no longer burning, Lindo gets out of the marriage.

Chess Piece: (Connection with mother to daughter) With Lindo Jong’s high expectations in her daughter Waverly, Waverly always felt pressured into things that she didn’t care for. When Lindo discovered Waverly’s pure talent in playing chess Lindo pushed Waverly into being a champion and being the best she can be. Chess was all that Lindo and Waverly talked about with each other and it connected the mother and daughter together. When Lindo got to competitive with Waverly, Waverly commanded to quit chess. Once Waverly quit chess the daughter and mother hardly spoke to each other. Chess was the only thing connecting