Joy Luck Club The Red Candle Essay

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When One gets forced against her will to get married at child age, she will have no choice but to accept her fate. In Joy Luck Club, The Red Candle by Amy Ten shows Lindo Jong gets married at a young age without her own permission and suffers its consequences. At the age of two years Lindo’s fate was decided by villages Matchmakers to a young child like her. They both are unaware of what is happening to them and they have no rights to spoke against it as children. Lindo knows in other cities man could chose their own life and life partners without taking permission to their parents but she goes along with the flow because of her promise to her parents that she would never betrays their promise and run away from the marriage. In the marriage …show more content…
This endless cycle of child marriage are unstoppable and it exist every in the world. Child marriage takes aways young girls childhood, opportunities to play and grow as child, safe and secure environment where they can feel safe and protected and keeps away from essential education, that lead them into poverty. Young girls sometimes get married to older guys and they forced them in sexual relationships, uses them and takes power over herself. Her half of life get spend over taking care of her husband and his family. Each year, child marriages shorten the childhoods of more than 15 millions girls and increases the risk of sexual abuse by their husband and his family. They lives everyday under burden of their husbands and families wishes. The most girls get married at age of fourteen to sixteen, but some girls fate is already decided when they were born by their parents, to get married early. The girls who gets married early, abandons her education and became pregnant while still being in her childhood- that’s funny because child has to take care of her own child. While giving birth and taking care of born children most of them dies because lack of protection and medication. The main factors of child marriage can be: poverty, gender inequality and ancestors’ old traditions that everyone has to follow by no