Jp Morgan's Management Structure Essay

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Management Structure of JP Morgan Chase & Co

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This report discusses management structures of enterprises, it includes three main parts:
First part is enterprise-investigation, we research JP Morgan Chase & Co., according to this corporation's development history and structures to analysis the relation between management structure and organization(how different structures effect JPM ocreate).
Second part is analysis four different management structures, we chose functional structure, product structure, gergraphic structure, customer structure, these are basic structure for a enterprise.
Third part is our recommendation, through
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This shows the department has less surprise.
Gergraphic structure
Duplication of activities & resources.
For example, JP Morgan should uses different management style in Japan and America, because employees have different cultures.
Customer structure
Increase overhead costs
Work Duplication
Conflict over allocating resources
In fact, JP Morgan has had a little of problems in this structure.


Span of control
(also see appendix2)
We can see JP Morgan Chase tends to flat management hierarchy.

There was a news :[v]

J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, a unit of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM: Quote) announced the strengthening of Global Trade practice with strategic hires and enhanced organizational structure.
Under the leadership of Global Trade Executive Daniel Cotti, J.P. Morgan is expanding Global Trade organization, by hiring several new senior managers for key positions and adding nearly 100 trade and supply chain professionals to the firm's international team.
The company noted that Pravin Advani, Managing Director, Global Trade Executive for Asia; Andrew Betts, Managing Director, Global Head of Supply Chain; David Conroy, Regional Trade Executive for North America and Global Trade Sales Head; Andrea Leonel, Regional Trade Sales and Advisory Head, Latin America; Kao Fang Ming, Trade Head for China; and Prashant Pillai, Trade Head for India and South Asia are new