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Diversity Racism and discrimination of any sort have many negative effects on people. Diversity is a good thing because it can teach to become more tolerant of others. History is repeating its self again and it will be the fall of our country. Racism is a terrible thing but most hear it on a daily basis. That same thing also happens because of other differences such as religion, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and country origin. I believe racism and discrimination occurs for many reasons. Firstly, I think racism occurs with some because it’s a shortcut to blame others for their own problems that they can’t solve themselves. Also I think they do it to feel more powerful and superior to others. I also believe discrimination occurs because people who see people with differences to them are doing better than them and they feel the need to make an excuse for them doing better than them so they try to make others feel worse about themselves. It occurs also because some have low self-esteem so look for ways to make other people feel as bad as they do. In Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood we saw that at first he was very racist, discriminatory, and very ignorant. Throughout the movie we saw that as Walt met and became friends with people of other races and religions that he became less racist and discriminatory. A lesson to be learned from that movie is that don’t judge others without at least talking and getting to know them. We also saw that as Walt knew the people of other races is that he liked and cared for them more than he did for his own children. I think he became less racist because he realized that people of other races are exactly the same except for the way they look. Racism and discrimination has terrible effects on people’s lives such as a lowered self-esteem, and resentment towards others. In my own life I have received much discrimination towards being a member of the Mormon Church. I get asked many questions that are demeaning to the church and it kind of spills over toward myself. People also make many jokes toward my beliefs. In my own life I have felt and