Jrotc Program Reflection

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My personal experience of being a part of the JROTC Program at Parkdale High School has been unforgettable from the beginning to end. I was not in JROTC since the first day of school, I had to work hard and be on top of my counselor, as well as talk to SGM in order to be put in the program. I do believe this is one of the reason in which I put so much effort in to succeeding in the program. Another reason is because my older sister was a part of the JROTC program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and I would see how well and with pride, she wore the uniform. Seeing my sister go through varies activities in the JROTC program encouraged me to create my own memories. JROTC is a program in which one learns traits that can be attributed in any part of our lives. One builds friendships in which can last a long time, friendship that you will always be able to look back on. Those upper classman that impacted me as a Let 1 where Tamrad, Fuentes, Amilcar, Mohammad, and Babatunda they were goofballs and made a jokes to lighten the mood but when needed to then went serious and completed tasks that were given to them as well as teach us what we need to know. Tamrad was the first to teach me marching cadences so that when I eventually went to came I …show more content…
In other words, the JROTC mission was a success for me. When people think of the word discipline and military together, they usually relate it to hardships, push-ups, yelling like in the movies but that is the complete opposite of the experiences on has in the JROTC program. Yes, we do push-ups but we do them as motivation, not a punishment. One has to have self-discipline in order to become a leader. As a leader one has to set the example to rest cadets and as the Battalion Commander you set the example for the entire battalion. I have the pleasure of saying that I was BC for my senior