Jsb170 Research Worksheet

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JSB170: Introduction to Criminology and Policing

Potentially Harmful Consequences of Child Abuse for Victims

Assessment One: Research Worksheet

Name: Jessica Panton
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Part 1

Question 1: Identify four (4) key words/phrases you used to search for your article. (1mark)
• ‘Harmful consequences’
• Child
• Physical
• Abuse

Question 2: Provide the full reference for your article as if you were citing your chosen article in a reference list (follow Harvard referencing format
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The organisation also educates and trains health professionals in helping victims of child abuse to have a successful healing journey. Furthermore, Professor Freda Briggs, arguably Australia’s best-known expert on child protection, is a patron of the organisation. The short publication outlines the long term and short-term consequences of effects that child abuse had on adults. The article refers to two large scaled studies, which conclude that many adults still suffer from the abuse they experienced as children. The studies were conducted over a large amount of people, Harvard Medical School conducted a study over 500 people over 5 years and another study was conducted on over 200 people. Although clearly not published for scholastic purposes, the source is aimed at adults who have suffered child abuse, and are presently still struggling with it. While not an extensively long or in-depth publication, it is a worthy article for broad …show more content…
Van Dalen (1989) was a clinician and researcher who had a vast professional knowledge in the field of treatment for abused children (The New York Times 1998). Van Dalen’s research in the peer- reviewed article is based upon 8 years of clinical observation of children and contact with each child ranged from 2 sessions to 4 years of regular contact, therefore being based on a broad range of research. However, Sharon Klayman Farber has written a “Response to “the Emotional Consequences of Physical Child Abuse” By Annaclare van Dalen” (Farber 1991) which argues against points made in Van Dalen’s article. The foundation of Van Dalen’s article, the foreseeability of consequences of abuse, is extremely relevant. However minor points made such as “Physical violence is experienced outside the body and is always painful, whereas sexual abuse may be experienced both inside and outside the body and is usually pleasurable” (Van Dalen 1989, 384) is extremely biased and has no supporting