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Bibliography:www.biography.com/people &123 helpme.com
Juan Ponce de León was a skillful Spanish conquer and explorer. He was born around 1460 in San Tervas de Campos Palencia, Spain. Juan Ponce de Leon became a soldier. He fought in a campaign against the Moors in Granada. He also is known for the discovery of Puerto Rico, and his search for the Fountain of Youth. Additionally, Ponce de Leon is well known for claiming and naming Florida. He his also known for the discovery of Puerto Rico, and his search for the Fountain of Youth.
He began his exploring as a part of Christopher Columbus' second expedition to the New World in 1493. He survived disease and bad weather. He helped colonize the new lands by forcing the Indians into slavery. Ponce de Leon is known for the discovery of Puerto Rico because in the text (www.biography.com/people) it states, "He heard reports of gold to be found near Puerto Rico, in 1508 Ponce de Leon was sent by the Spanish to explore the island." He took 50 soldiers with him on 1 ship and explored the island near San Juan. Eventually, he returned to Hispaniola a year later and found so much gold. Therefore, his expedetion was a great success. And he became govener of Puerto Rico. He was to continue the settlement.
The Spanish crown soon encouraged Ponce de Leon to continue searching for new lands in hope of finding more gold. Further, he learned of an island in the Carribean called Binimi which was said to have miraculous water that could renew those who drank from it -the Fountain of Youth. According to the text (123helpme.com) it says,"It was during Ponce de Leons search for the Fountain of Youth that he eventually named La Florida or land of flowers." So he and his men landed on the