Judaism and Synagogue Essay

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Unit title: How do Jews worship in the synagogue and observe their faith in the home? KS2Y3/ 4 on a rolling programme or use to support Encounter Unit in Year 5 | |
|Background Story/information |
|It is often said ‘If you want to know about Judaism go home’ |
|Children will have heard about many of the main features about the synagogue in Y2[ SEE LESSON BACKGROUND NOTES] |
|In the Jewish religion there is a close relationship between the teachings heard and the prayers used in the synagogue and observance in the home. The lives of Jewish believers are interwoven with rituals, celebrations and |
|behaviours that are closely related to their faith. These include observance of the Sabbath [the Holy Day in the week] and hygiene and dietary rules. |
|There are numerous web sites which give detailed information on this, including www.Torahtots.com |
|Cross curricular links |Key vocabulary |
|Speaking and Listening |Synagogue, worship, beliefs, tradition, symbol, celebration, festival, Shabbat, + vocabulary associated with the|
|Design Technology |synagogue from Year 2 |
|Art | |
|Skills |Attitudes |
|Reflecting |Empathy |
|Questioning |Respect |
|Making links | |
|Key questions |
|What is the significance to Jews of the various artefacts found in the synagogue? |
|What kinds of activities do Jewish believers engage in the home that strengthens their faith?