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Most prejudice acts against people are against the different Religious and Ethnic groups. What we as people need to realize, is that everybody is different in their own way, shape, or form. Prejudice is harmful and can cause some serious problems. Some may not claim to be prejudice, but I believe that everyone is prejudice at one point in their life. They may not even know it. What I would like to talk about in this paper is the Judaism religion and the Black ethnic group. Judaism, what is it? Judaism is a religion that is based off of a set of ideas about the world and the way we should live our lives. It is studied by Jewish children in Hebrew schools in Religious Studies courses. Judaism differs from other religious groups based off of their Proof of Divine Origin. It is said that the Proof of Divine Origin was demonstrated through Gods revelation of himself to all the Jews at Mount Sinai. At the fiery mountain, approximately three million Jews witnessed this voice described as intelligent that was speaking to them. Judaism is the only religion whose claim has been supported world by the Old Testament, The Five Books of Moses, and the Torah, which has been a worldwide acceptance. All other religions are based on one person’s claim that God had appeared to him and spoke to him. This has been something that people have not been able to disapprove or prove which leads to these religions resorting to their “Blind Acceptance” or Faith. The experience or Judaism and other religious groups is that Judaism and often other religious groups hide their beliefs. Judaism is often subject to negative stereotyping. Many people believe that Judaism is exclude people who have other religious beliefs. However I do not find this to be true. They are just trying to survive in this crazy world. How would they survive if all of the children married others of a religious group? Easy, they wouldn’t. They want to pass on what they believe in to their children and grandchildren. This may not be accomplished if they were to marry into another religious group. All religious groups are like that. People are so quick to point out the differences and what they believe to be negative parts of certain religions, that they do not take the time to view the similarities. Almost every religion is the same so to say. Most worship the same God, just have a different way of doing so. Judaism has been in America for about 350 years. They have contributed greatly to the American Culture. They have worked just as hard as any American has. I believe that they have mostly contributed to the American culture religiously. People who practice Judaism hold tight to their beliefs. They set an example for American citizens by sticking to what they believe in. If we had more people focusing on their beliefs and religion, then we may have less crime, less acts harmful acts against other people. I believe that people who practice Judaism have fought hard to keep their beliefs and practices known to others. In 2006, President George W. Bush signed a piece of Legislation that would dedicate a month that would recognize the contribution of the Jew to the American Culture. They have proven that they will fight, and I believe this made others more willing to stand up for what they believe in.

The most common case of discrimination that the Jews faced was the Holocaust. I can go on for hours about this, as I feel very strongly about the Holocaust. We are all aware of how the Holocaust affected the Judaism religion. Jews have also faced genocide by the Muslims. Genocide is when a group of people try to exterminate a group of people. The sources of this prejudice or discrimination was caused by religious differences, in both cases. What I have learned about this religious group, does help me understand it. I am able to understand that basically all religions stem from Judaism. Judaism is often