Jude Movie Essay

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2. Jude is in his early twenty’s and from Liverpool. His education is unmentioned. The only time he talks about it, he tells Lucy “It’s just me and my mom so me education is rarely a topic of conversation.” Judy is from a lower class family. He is an only child living with a single mom. After he reaches the Princeton campus, he finally meets his father for the first time who did not even know that Jude’s mother was pregnant. His economic statues is shown as he works at the dock, which is dark, gloomy, and everyone is covered in dirt. Around the same time, Jude attends a party with his girlfriend is in a dark and crowded basement. This contrast the dance that Lucy attends to show the economic difference between the two families. Judy is seen …show more content…
This is evident because after inviting Jude to Thanksgiving, Max picks Lucy up from her high school on their way home. She is shown as being preppy and popular. At the start of the movie, she is dancing at prom with her boyfriend and friends in a fancy looking room. All the men have matching tuxedos and all women in nice white dresses as they elegantly dance together. She does not attend college. Instead, she moves to New Yok to be with her brother Max. She is strong headed and fights for what she believes in. Despite Jude’s constant disagreement, she continues to protest the war in hopes of ending it. Although she comes off as strong and independent, as a riot breaks out during a protest, she breaks down in a phone booth as she watches people attack each other.
As the story switches to the Thanksgiving fight, the camera focuses on the outside of Max and Lucy’s large white house in the suburbs. Each family member around the table, excluding Jude, are wearing polos and are groomed. During their argument, the family income is highlighted as the uncle comes to the fathers’ side as he asks Max about the price of attending Princeton. As they talk about the war, they know that they do not have to worry about their children being drafted because they have the money to send them to