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Book Review
The book, HOW WINNING LEADERS MAKE GREAT CALLS, technologically is a good book because it teaches people how to be a good leader from the point of view that how to make successful judgment calls. The book totally has 13 chapters; each chapter has its own topic, however, each topic tights closely with the main topic of the book.
Chapter 1, judgment and leadership, points that the judgment is the one of essential effective elements of leadership. The author states that the basic job of a leader is making judgment calls. In the next, the author claims that the evaluation of judgment is success or not based on its long-term effect. At the third part of the chapter, the author states that leaders make the judgment calls at first and then they expect to see the effect of the calls through executions.
In the Chapter 2, the author describes the framework of leadership judgment. The judgments about people, strategy and in time of crisis constitute the basic framework of leadership judgment. In addition, the knowledge of self, social network, organization and context can help leader improve their judgment calls.
Then talking about Chapter 3, the central thesis of Chapter 3 is that a successful leader must have a clear storyline.
From chapter 4, we can indicate that character and courage are two key factors of making successful judgments and for people to be a winning leader. This is because the character shapes the moral compass of a person, as for courage, being a factor, which pushes the person dare to make judgment calls and execute them.
Chapter 5 points that the most critical one of judgment calls is personal judgment calls. And Chapter 6 continues talking about people judgment calls but from different point of view. This chapter mainly focuses the ability of team’s CEO, which suggests the choice of a CEO can be the most critical people judgment.
Chapter 7 starts discussing another judgment calls which is trategy judgment calls. It summarizes that each strategy will affect the next call, which also be a substory of the whole storyline. And the whole chapter 8 narrates the strategy judgment calls of GE Company so as to support the theory of Chapter 7.
Chapter9, in general, explains that crisis judgments may happen under these situations: First, the leader has the right to criticize his or her own judgment calls. At the same time; they can predict the possible risks and adjust their judgment calls correspondingly. Second, a common mistake will lead the crisis. Third, bad people or strategy judgments have large possibility resulting the crisis. Chapter 10 points that crisis awareness of leaders will be a good affection factor of making correct judgment calls. Chapter 11 states the importance of the knowledge creation. Chapter 12 introduces the New York City Leadership Academy as a kind of future generation judgments. And Chapter 13 is a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the views of the whole book and reflects the main idea of the book while giving a conclusion.
In my perspective, from reading the book, I learn the importance of making judgment calls for a leader. And I also learn the basic frame work of making judgment calls, as well as its improved methods. Moreover, I realize the the character and courage mainly decide whether a person can be a good leader or not. As for people judgment calls, both the selection of CEO and building a team will affect significantly on the quality of judgment calls. In an addition, knowledge creation also can regard as a positive factor that impact on the process of making judgments.

Judgment Calls
People judgment calls
People judgment calls, are obviously judgments about people, including both a selection of CEO and decision making of choosing different people to set up a team. It is the most complex and always the most critical one of judgment calls. First, it is important to choose a CEO for a company. Only a CEO succession can lead a successful and efficiency team