Judgement: Judgment and Tamir Rice Essay

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Judging an individual by average score instead of individual score. Judging an individual by pigmentation instead of what's within. Judging an individual by appearance, gender, sexual preferences, and IQ points. Attacks our individual rights, freedom, and self-determination are fueled by judgments.
“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.”-Henry Ward Beecher. A new, different, report card was posted to https://k12.niche.com/. I've read all the student reviews about my school, T. Wingate Andrews High School, and I disagree with most. Our average grade is a 'C.' Yet student reviews say academics are our strong suit. We hardly ever use technology, but the reviews say its almost an everyday thing. I haven't been to the computer lab in about a month. But if you look at the rankings, judged by average, our academics are bottom ranked. Our administration is bottom ranked. For best outcome our school ranked, of course, in the bottom along with for best teachers. So when I go to college, or after I graduate from college and put this high school on my resume; What will people think of my past? Will they judge me by that 'C' average or by the 'bottom ranked' best outcome? We can fix this. Trayvon Martin, seventeen years old, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman coordinator. Zimmerman says he shot out of self defense though some witnesses say Trayvon did nothing. Tamir Rice, twelve years old, was shot and killed by two police officers. Rice was playing with a toy gun that officers apparently assumed was real. Eric Garner was accused of selling cigarettes to underage kids. He was not rude in any way towards the police officers and did not approach them with violence. Garner pleaded that he was not doing anything wrong. He raised his hands above his head but the officer took him into a choke hold, which killed Garner and is illegal in the state of New York. “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by content of their character.” ―Martin Luther King Jr. I heard news that twelve year old Mallory Mack was getting “heat” because she decided to get box braids in her hair. Box braids are culturally black, but who’s to say white girls can’t have box braids, dreads, or twists. Black girls get perms and straighten their hair to look more like white girls, so what’s the difference. Actually a white girl in my school has dreads and I have taken it upon myself to get box braids as a silent protest to cultural biases. Can’t we all be the same? My first day of the “ Social Experiment: Box Braids” I have realized that cultural differences are worse than I thought. A girl approached during my lunch period and was told I look very “ethnic.” The girl obviously meant it in a negative manner but it didn’t affect me. The next day wasn’t bad until fourth period when the same girl asked me why I was trying to be black and if I was trying to be a “gangster.” My first appearance at work with box braids went as I thought it would. I received dirty looks from customers, as well as compliments from some. But the biggest thing that I can recall is a usual customer that I'm really good friends