Judicial Branch Vs Executive Branch Essay

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The Federal system of government in the United States consists of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branch that all have different responsibilities in governing the citizens of the United States. Although all of the branches of the government have a hand in the passing of new laws in different situations one branch may have more influence on the situation than the other. In the passing of the law that legalized same sex marriage, the Judicial branch has the most influence because once a law is either declared constitutional or unconstitutional by the courts in the judicial branch their decision becomes the law of the land.

The legislative branch consists of the house of representatives and the senate some of the powers the legislative
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Although the Judicial Branch passes the law and makes the law official the Executive Branch does not always immediately put the laws into Action. The Attorney General Ken Paxton in Texas advised county clerks in his state not to issue marriage licenses as he believes "No court, no law, no rule, and no words will change the simple truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,". This shows that the executive branch does have some influence on a law as local leaders can prevent a law from being put into practice. However the Judicial Branch still has the most influence because citizens, members of the Senate or Cabinet officials who refuse to abide by the law stating that same-sex couples may be legally married may face jail time as Kim Davis a county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to a same-sex couple now faces “official misconduct charges and a hearing to determine whether she is in contempt of court”. This highlights the fact that even though the executive branch has some influence over the laws passed the judicial branch still has the most impact on people who do not follow the law can face