Judith: Bible and General Holofernes Essay

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Michael Aye
Reflection Paper
Book of Judith The book of Judith is just filled with war, pain, and triumph. First off it starts you out with talking about the war between the Assyrians and the Medes, and how crazy the town of Ecbatana is surrounded by this glorious wall. Just like every war King Nebuchadnezzar needed helped and he asked many different nations to assist him. However, those nations did not believe the Assyrians had a fighting chance so they all turned him down and so on king Nebuchadnezzar promised to ruin them for their disgrace to him.
Unfortunately for them the Assyrians won and after a few months rest king Nebuchadnezzar decided to send 140,000 men to destroy those nations that had disgraced him. I just find this totally bizarre how a town in the ancient world could make a hundred and five foot tall and seventy five foot thick wall. Moreover, have that many men after a long war to send off to war again because of pride. King Nebuchadnezzar sent General Holofernes to absolutely demolish those nations. So the Israelites try to offer peace to him but that fails, so they plan for defense and pray. A man named Achior told General Holofernes the story of the Israelites and how fearing of a god they have on their side and that the Assyrians will lose if the Israelites have not sinned and are faithful. Then Judith comes into play who is a beautiful rich widow, who no one said anything bad about and was very religious. She meets with the town officials and says that she is going to save the Jewish people and do something they will never forget but they must not ask what she is doing until it’s over. So Judith prayers for strength and then goes and gets all prettied up to where she would attract the attention of any man. Of course she did and this made Holofernes lust with love and so he got very drunk and Judith cut off his head and brought it back to her people. Just like a women to deceive a man by her…