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M1: Assignment 3
Mary J. Judson
March 31, 2015

M1: Assignment 3
Every successful company possesses a purpose and has aspirations, which is publicly announced in the vision and values statement. Viewed as the organizations declaration, the vision statement establishes an end goal providing leadership with information on how to properly strategize to achieve the organizations vision. While the values statement lays out how to achieve the overall vision, reaffirming what the organization values. Jud’s, a fictitious organization, continues to obtain success after success with managing hospitals all because they possess a clear vision statement with a supporting values statement.
Jud’s LLC is a managerial company who provides management to hospitals. Jud’s pretty much managing all functions of the hospital from hiring/firing personnel to managing departmental operations management. The purpose of Jud’s is to ensure that the hospital is always up to code and is functioning at 100%. Providing the hospital with managerial services allows the hospital’s owners to have a very successful track record in financial management. Jud’s has created a win-win atmosphere for the hospital as well as its consumers. The consumers are primarily the hospital owners/stackholders and secondarily the patients treated by the hospital.
When Jud’s first started developing their core values they had to take into account that each hospital would also possess its own core values. With this being said Jud’s had to incorporate what they valued in with what each hospital valued. Because Jud’s ultimate goal was to take on strictly medical office management many of their values did in fact coincide with the hospitals, regardless of if it was a Methodist or Baptist hospital.
Jud’s, being that is unique in the fact that it manages a variety of different types of hospitals, a very unique vision statement called “The Jud’s Way.” The Jud’s Way is simple and summarized by (6) terms: Humility, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Service, and Stewardship. The purpose and benefit of these is as follows. Jud’s is proud of the work that they do and yet believe that they must remain grounded as they are aware that they are in the business of helping people. This is where humility comes into play. Jud’s encompasses integrity because they strive to be trust worthy to the consumers by doing what’s in each hospital’s best interest by being accountable for their actions. Respect is something that Jud’s feels each hospital personnel should obtain regardless of their individual abilities, talents, or job responsibility. Everyone must work together to run the hospital and to create the environment of excellence. Which with excellence Jud’s holds themselves to the highest standard to ensure that the hospital is viewed as being excellent and provides excellent services. Of course with service, being that Jud’s is a service driven company who manages service driven organizations, they encourage a culture with servant leadership. Lastly, stewardship is what Jud’s believes makes them have wise choices. To be sure that the consumer/stakeholders best interests are met.
The Jud’s Way (vision statement) is met because of the chosen core values, known to