Judy Blume's Soupy Saturdays: Reading Practice Essay

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Shawn Wikel
Running Record

Student – Haydun Arnold - 2nd grade – seven years old
Soupy Saturdays – Judy Blume
Level of Text : 2.4
D. Analyze your running record thoroughly and identify the following:
-Miscues: 4
-Self Corrections: 1
- The student is going into second grade, and reading at level. This book is instructional reading level from previously watching him read other passages from this book, which is a 2.4 grade level. categorize the miscues according to the type of error:

Dianna/Dionna – (Graphophonic) The student incorrectly pronounces the word based on the vowel medial position. The letter “A” can make the “aw” sound like the letter “O”
Great/Greet – (Syntactic) – The student missed this words twice, but self-corrected the second time. The student knows the “ea” can make the same sound as “ee”. The student realized the word does not fit with the story.
Tooted/Taughted (Graphophonic) Student once again uses the “aw” sound. The mistake was made with the medial vowel sounds once again as well.
Laughed/Logged (Graphophonic) Again, the student uses the “aw” sound. The student also did not recognize “gh”. The student made medial vowel errors and medial constant errors as well. This could also be as the student doesn't see the word as nonphonetic.

The student had an excellent time reading this passage with a 96 percent accuracy. The student has strength in phonographic cues, almost every mistake made was mispronouncing vowels in the medial positions of the words. These vowels however, can most of the time make the sounds being used. Something that