Judy Brady's Essay: I Want A Wife

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In 1971, Judy Brady wrote an essay that appeared in Ms. Magazine. It is a satire on the role of women within a marriage titled “I Want a Wife.” My freshman English teacher, Mrs. Cordova, introduced this essay to us and asked us to use it as a mentor text. I did not quite fully understand the breadth of the satire. I wrote a piece on how I would like a big brother. Close enough, as I am the oldest sibling, but not quite right.
I have often thought of it and its message over the last 25 years. I remember the moment that I realized that I honestly wanted a wife, someone to care for all of the little things. As it has played on my mind over the years, I thought it was appropriate to use it again as a mentor text today.
“I’ll take a Teacher” I am a part of an exclusive club of educators. Exclusive, not in the sense that there are only a few of us certainly there are thousands, but because there is no other job like it. As my seniors approach graduation with excitement for their future, including new fancy professors that will expand their horizons, I have realized that I, too, would like a teacher.
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That way, I can go home when the students do. I’ll take a teacher that plans magnificent lessons that are not only interesting and engaging, but will be powerful enough to persuade even the most reluctant students to want to learn. I’ll take a teacher that understands the content so well, that the mere telling of a story could fan the flames of a student’s desire from a non-existent flicker into a roaring flame. I’ll take a teacher that perfectly flows the curriculum so that each lesson scaffolds upon the previous lesson, almost effortlessly. Students will feel confident in their grasp of the content and feel safe enough to express their opinions regarding