Julia: Industrial Revolution and early 18 th Century Essay

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Response #1 Since the beginning of the semester, it already passed a month, which was really fast and miserable with FYSH class that is kind of course of honors I have ever taken before. The class has always deep critical conversation between the students and the professor about topics related to Lowell such as the history of the industrial era of Lowell, Jack Kerouac, a writer from Lowell, and some facts about Lowell. Also, there are more interesting things on this course, such as excursions. Those are the absolute new for me, and I liked that kind of learning process which attached to real objects, so we could see and touch some of the old things we discussed in class, such as we went to the Boott cotton museum which located in real old mills’ building. Also we went to the Merrimack Repertory Theater. After all of these excursions, my perspective of the Lowell has changed and got the big inspiration from the historical atmosphere of this city. In the first place, my imagination of USA was like skyscrapers, many people in the street, and busy life in every corner of the city. However, when I came to Lowell, I felt like I came through the countryside which has not any tall buildings and also after 8 pm no one will be in the street which is little terrifying. In other hand, my university location and buildings looks very different than any other Old Lowell’s buildings and locations. That is because the most of our campus’ buildings are new and colored like skittles such as university suites which has red, black, and grey walls. I always think that our university gives a good look to this old city, so I think we should talk about our university environment next time. On September 23, me and Jesse were heading to the Boott Cotton museum and started small conversation about the Boott cotton museum and what will be waiting for us there.
Jesse: Did you visit any museum since you came to the USA?
I: No, not until today and I’m very excited about it. What about you? Do you go to museums sometimes?
Jesse: Not many, but I went to the museums which are similar to the Boott cotton museum.
I: Really? How was that? I have no idea how people do clothes using cotton in old days.
Jesse: I have seen the old automat machines which make textile. And today, I think you will see some of them. But I’m not sure this is also my first time to going the Boott cotton museum.
I: mmm, we are almost there.
Little bit about the Boott cotton museum, from early 18th century the Boott cotton mills were one of the biggest industrial complexes in America which used waterpower and steam power. In front of the building, there are many windows, which were designed to get more sunlight into the building. And the red bricks, from early 18th century, keep it years to years as it was built in 1830s. Today, it is the big historical heritage in Lowell.
When we came to the Boott cotton museum, my classmates were there. After few minutes, our guide introduced himself and started to talk about the big picture on the wall. The picture was a half and a half view of the mill. A half of the picture, which was the inside of building, shows many workers and their machine which looks like making textile. Other half, which shows the outside of the Boott cotton museum, shows me the general look of the building. Also, in the picture the mill was along the water canal which gives the use of water stream for generate power that moves the mill. The guide said that this cotton mill was the biggest textile mill in the world in that time, but they didn’t work for night like people do now. That is because of the energy problem to light up the whole mill. Unfortunately, they used to work hard with one short break time between from sunrise to sundown. Also, we went to the old apartment of female workers where they lived 10-12 of them in one apartment and two people sleep together in one bed because of winter cold.
The guide said that all workers, who were women and