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Allison Schuster
Julian of Norwich Essay
From doing research on Julian, I came to understand that not many people truly knew who she was, and it has been said that no one really knows if she was born into the same Julian. She is a mystery to different readers all over the world. To me, Julian of Norwich seemed brilliant. She wrote about love, passion, desire, believing, and life. I am sure many people also after reading her work learn to see she was a passionate and creative woman; even some famous authors have had their fare share of nice things to say about the writer. According to Frances Beer in “Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages”, Julian was the most glorious individual representative of the solitary life in medieval England. (Beer, 130) She had a very unique way of expressing herself and her writings with different types of spellings, and abbreviations.
Julian was born in 1343 and lived until sometime in 1416. She became very ill with a life threatening sickness around the age of 28. Once becoming ill she joined a religious order and soon became a Benedictine nun. Stated from Frances Beer’s writings, the Benedict nuns ran a school for young girls, where they believed Julian was a student which could have led to her future as becoming a nun. (Beer, 130) In 1373, soon after recovering from her sickness, she experienced a series of sixteen revelations or “visions” that were supposed to be from god. (Beer, 130) Although no one believed her, the