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Julianna McAmis

Town Hall Meeting I have never attended an official meeting of political figures to discuss the needs of the people. This was a really great experience to get a taste of the political world that I around me everyday. I’ve never really been very involved or interested in politics until recently, and the idea that my small world of community college has political figures of its own was unapparent to me. Being able to see who runs this institution and the different policies they are trying to implement to better the school was really informative. I also loved hearing the voices of my fellow students. There were a lot of questions that I didn’t even think about, but were important to be asked and answered. It made me really think about how I should be involved with the school I am attending and especially the knowledge I should have about who is running it. I had no idea there were even certain programs at Golden West before I attended this meeting. I was able to hear the head of the department for disabled students speak about what they do and I’m happy that I have the knowledge to inform others who are in need. I was also surprised to actually see who our student body president was and put a face to the person who oversees all our clubs and student activities. I’ve always thought that there has been a need for a better on campus life to get students more involved. Hearing the plans for the future and what their goals are for this department was really exciting. Some of the things talked about during town hall were budgeting, sports, counseling, and issues the students had within these programs. One person brought up the lack of certain sports and the lack of equipment for the sports that do exist. The head of the sports program was able to explain that the sports that aren’t offered at Golden West are not because of the lack of interest in enough students to get that sport started. Unless there is a high enough demand for a particular sport from the student body, they cannot fund it. He also explained that the budget they do have is going toward rebuilding the track and field and getting as much equipment as possible for the next year so students should be seeing a large improvement in that area. The different programs for minorities or students in need were also discussed in the meeting. A student asked what kind of programs they offered because she couldn’t find any information on it. The head of the department for disabled students was able to inform her are the different programs, clubs, and events