Julieus Ceasar Essay

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Both speakers are connecting to Caesar by trying to prove a way to make Caesar either stay home or got to work. One speaker is Calpurnia, she wants Caesar to stay at home, because she has a feeling that Caesar might die. The other speaker is Decius Brutus and he wants Caesar to go to work so that he and his friends can kill him. Both speakers have their own reasons that want to make Caesar want to stay but what Calpurnia said wasn’t enough so he was frightened. I think that Caesar would believe Brutus more because Brutus sounds more realistic than Calpurnia does.
The words that Calpurnia uses in the passage are nervous because she doesn’t want anything to happen to her husband. She also uses the words I circled to try and convince Caesar not to go to work. On the other hand the words that Brutus uses are more persuasive because he twists the things Calpurnia says and make them seem positive. He also says things like that make Caesar want to go to work like when Brutus says, “If Caesar hide himself, shall they not whisper, ‘Lo, Caesar is afraid’?”. This quote shows what people will think of Caesar is he listens to his wife and stays home. I believe that Brutus is more persuasive because he gives great examples.
The examples that both passages give are okay, but some are better like when Calpurnia said that she had a bad dream about Caesar’s death. Calpurnia says, “Your statue spouting blood in many pipes”. This quote shows that if Caesar goes to work and get crowned there will be bloodshed. Obviously the example that Calpurnia gave Caesar wasn’t enough to convince Caesar to stay home so he leaves his home and ran into Brutus, who convinced Caesar to go to work and get crowned. Decius Brutus says, “If you shall send them word you will not come, their minds may change”. This quote means that if Caesar doesn’t show up to get crowned, the crowd of people won’t want him as king any more.
In both of the passages the speakers both talk in a different point of view, Calpurnia speaks in first person, while Brutus talks in second person. Calpurnia speaks in first person because she is trying to get a point though Caesar in hopes to convince Caesar