Julius: A Short Story

Words: 1788
Pages: 8

The sky was steely grey, with a light pink on the horizon promising the sun, when Julius awoke the next morning. Minutes later, the sun was just peeking its bright head over the world as the door to his home burst open. Julius came bustling out, leather messenger bag slung over his shoulder and jacket hung carefully on top. He locked the door, looked back at his house with a sense of finality, then strode away towards the town’s only train station.
Not many people were on the old wooden platform of the train station when Julius arrived. The rough wood creaked threateningly under his feet as he went to buy a ticket from the sleepy worker behind the ticket booth window.
“One ticket to Omaha, Nebraska,” he smoothly said.
“Omaha? That’s f-far away,” the worker replied with a yawn. “What are you going out there for?”
“Family,” Julius said evasively. “Now how about that ticket?” Julius slid a few green bills into the ticket slot and received a tiny blue ticket in return.
“Thank you. Have a
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A large, open office greeted him, tastefully decorated, but the only thing that Julius could focus on was the severe, blonde woman sitting behind an impressive wooden desk in the dead center of the room. “Adeline,” Julius greeted, moving towards her, arms opened for a welcoming hug. “Why are you here Julius?” she snapped. Julius dropped his arms with a huff. “What did you expect Adeline? That I was going to sit and let guilt eat me alive for the rest of my life?” “I don’t care what the hell you do with your life, as long as you stay away from me,” Adeline hissed, eyes glittering with malice. “Adeline,” Julius placated, spreading his hands out in a gesture of peace. “You know why I’m here. Just give me the clue. Give it to me and I will leave you alone.” She gave an indignant huff of dissent. “I’m trying to find her, you know I’m trying,” Julius persuaded. “Your clue is part of that