Julius Caesar Essay

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Mariah George
English II Honors
26 January 2014

The Senator is dead

As a country we have had to tough through many hard times, especially in the times of an assassination. We now must support each other more than ever in lieu of this death. Potentially the most brutal assassination ever in the history of this nation just happened mere days ago. Julius Caesar, an ambitious man, was a respected Senator and brilliant war general from Rome, Georgia. He was brutally killed on the very floor of our Senate. Caesar was a man who held the power and admirations of our people. His wit and experience solved many of our problems on our most recent war, earning more respect from America’s people. Many believed he would run as President in the upcoming election. The conspirators didn’t try to hide their apparent hatred for Caesar, stabbing him a total of 23 times. The surrounding senators have been brave throughout this incident and all are keeping their seats in the Senate. The ringleaders of this group of senators were Cassius and his brother-in-law, Brutus. Cassius is also a talented general and acquaintance of Caesar. Several anonymous Senators say that Cassius has been jealous of Caesar’s prominence in the Senate. Brutus was a close ally and personal friend of Caesar, which really makes us all wonder. Caesar proved his and our astonishment at Brutus with his last words, “And you, Brutus?” Is Brutus a fake or was there really some meaning behind all this? We went to Brutus to find out the truth. Unluckily, he was home was vacant but after much searching and persuading Cassius was willing to answer our questions for us. Cassius, in hiding, told the Orlando Times that all this was done for the good of our country. They saw Caesar as a power-hungry man who only cared for his own position and needs. At this point, Marc Antony, another friend of Caesar, and Octavius, Caesar’s nephew, are taking over his position and duties. Antony spoke at Caesar’s funeral, and read the will of Julius Caesar aloud. In his will, he gave his money to many citizens and charities, and made his beautiful estate a public area. Our nation is enraged at this crime. After the funeral, all of the involved senators were reported missing and assumed in hiding. We went to the streets to find out what the people thought. Many we spoke to want our government to start a mission to find