Truman Doctrine Research Paper

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Truman Doctrine the policy of The United States to support free people who are resisting subjection by “outside pressure”.
A policy that protects free government from communist.
During the cold war the Truman Doctrine was use to fight of the influence of the communist ideas.

Marshall Plan proposed by secretary of states that the United States provide aid to all the European nations that need it.
A benefit packet to help European nations rebuild that home land.
The Marshall plan helped aid any nation that needed it.

38th parallel divide North and South Korea in the war the United States helped the South and communist took over the North.
The 38th parallel had help Korea divide it’s different view.

Korean War North Korea forces swept across the 38th parallel in a surprise attack on South Korea.
North Korea invades South Korea.
The Korean war was an act of rebuttal for North Korea to stand against South Korea.

Senator Joseph McCarthy acquired a reputation for being an ineffective legislator.
He wasn’t a good senator.
Joseph McCarthy a senator that didn’t do much but tried to make a statement for himself. He used the fear of communism against his people.

Cuban Revolution was an armed revolt from Castro and the regime to over throw Fulgenico Batista.
A strategy to over throw a dictator.
The Cuban Revolution was the starting point for Fidel Castro.

Bay of Pigs
A United States C.I.A plan to use Cuban exile to overthrow Castro.
This was a plan to go against Fidel.
The Bay of Pigs wanted to get rid of Fidel Castro.

Cuban missile crisis
Soviet Union shipping missile to Cuba in an attempt to bomb the U.S. but the United States found out
And told the Soviet Union to back off from sending missile to Cuba.
Attempt to bomb the United States.

Vietnam war
Conflict that pitted the communist regime of North Vietnam and it’s