Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar was born on July, 100 B.C. He was born in Subura, Rome.

Aurelia Cotta was Julius Caesar’s Mom. She was born on May 21, 120 B.C. and she died on July 31, 54 B.C.

Gaius Julius Caesar the Elder was Julius Caesar’s dad. He was born abound 140 B.C. and he died around 85 B.C.

When Julius Caesar grew up he became very strong military leader. He teamed up with Crassus and Pompey. Crassus was a very rich Roman and Pompey was a popular general. They helped Julius Caesar become a consul.

Crassus Pompey Caesar

Julius, Crassus and Pompey controlled Rome as a triumvirate.

Triumvirate- Group of three rulers.

Caesar was a very strong leader and not only that but when it came to military strategies, Caesar was the best!

Caesar led his legions in a grueling but very successful campaign to conquer all of Gaul. The successes in Gaul made Caesar very popular with the people of Rome.

Pompey, who was Caesar’s political rival, was scared of Caesar’s ambitions. In 50 B.B., the senate, at Pompey’s command, ordered Caesar to disband his legions and come back home.

Caesar declined the senate’s order. On the night of January 10th, 49 B.C., Caesar took his army across the Rubicon River in Italy. Caesar marched his army toward Tome, and Pompey fled.

Caesar’s troops defeated Pompey’s armies in Greece, Asia, Spain, and Egypt.

When Caesar returned to Rome, the senate appointed him dictator. In 44 B.C., Caesar was given the name of Dictator for Life.

Caesar governed as an absolute ruler, one who has the total power. However he started a number of reforms. He granted Roman citizenship to many people in the