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Julius Caesar will always be remembered by the contribution he made to the Roman Empire. He grew up in a period of unrest and civil war in Rome. Caesar was a politician and general of the late Roman republic, who greatly extended the Roman Empire before seizing power and making himself dictator of Rome, paving the way for the imperial system. There are a number of things that make him important. He did a little bit of everything just before he died. Julius Caesar, leader of the Roman public was brutally murdered and betrayed by those he trusted. After reading about him as a person he is a testament that shows human nature has not changed. he accomplished everything he purposed and he did whatever it took to make it happen. He had all it took to be such a leader; women were in love with him, men wanted to be part of his army and children wanted to be like him when they grow up
For Caesar all it took was courage and selfishness to get to where he was.
A leader is a person who knows the way; goes the way and shows the way but no one will ever be a leader without courage. Courage was part of Caesar´s being, he knew that if he showed this part of him in the moments that seemed lost and accomplished them, people would follow him and they would help him get the power he always wanted. Julius decided to build a bridge because the Germanic tribes were a threat to Gaul, one of Caesar´s conquest. “They built the first bridge in only ten days using local lumber” (Gunn) People were surprised of such invention in such a short time that even the Germanic tribes were stunned by the unimaginable courage Caesar had. He knew he was risking his men lives but without hesitating he gathered up courage and made it happen. Eighteen days was all it took for Caesar to prove of what he is capable of; after proving his point “Caesar returned to Gaul and cut the bridge down” (Gunn) and the Germanic tribes’ didn´t dare to threaten them again. For him to build his bridge towards power all he needed was courage to get there but he was still a human and as a human and leader he was also selfish.
Selfishness is part of everyone no matter who it is or what decade, selfishness will always be part of the human being; it´s part of who Julius Caesar was. From the start Caesar made everything he needed to do to get what he wanted the most and not everything he did was while thinking about others; it wasn´t an army for what he craved the most but what he really wanted was power.
Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15. He was brutally stabbed 23 times by his fellow senators. The attack was so rapid and vicious that several conspirators wounded each other. He was Romes greatest general and leader. He united Rome under one emperor and one senate. He expanded the empire faster