Julius Caesar Essay

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In the “Julius Caesar”, Caesar was a heroic person; he got the respect of the Romans, and hoped that he would become king. Brutus had a great heart, but he listened to the villains and did not have a firm hand. Eventually, he joined the rebels, and finally there was no way out for him but only to let his servant to kill him. Caesar is a person worthy of respect, and perhaps he is a more appropriate leader. In the opening of the play, his love for the people can be clearly seen. Anthony offered him the crown three times, but he refused. This expressed his greatness. His own garden was available to the people for walking, and he promised to give each person 75 drachmas. He could be called a competent monarch because of his love for the people. He did not have the ambition to be king. People attempted to assassinate him several times, but he showed no fear, and preserved his bravery in the final scene. He said “I’m as immovable as the northern star, whose stable and stationary quality has no equal in the sky. The sky shows countless stars. They’re all made of fire, and each one shines. But only one among all of them remains in a fixed position. So it is on earth. The world is full of men, and men are flesh and blood, and they are capable of reason. Yet out of them, I know only one who is unassailable, who never moves from his position, that’s me.”(3.1.60-70) However, not everyone is perfect, Caesar had his shortcomings. On March 15, his wife tried to persuade him not to go to the senate. He promised not to go at the beginning, but only under the provocation of Decius, he immediately changed his mind. This resulted in his tragic murder. Maybe it was his lack of a stability that caused his brutal ending. Furthermore, Brutus, he is a righteous and loyal man. He loved Caesar until the end; he did not change his feelings for Caesar. However he could be easily