Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was born in Rome in July 100 BCE into a prestigious family known as the Julius Clan. He was involved with politics because of his family lineage as everyone in his family was involved with politics in some shape or form. He started out as governor of the then Roman province, Spain, from 61-60 BCE. He began to try to make his way to high power in Rome. He disobeyed the authority of the Roman senate and sparked a civil war. His army defeated the republican forces and he went to Egypt. While in Egypt he fell in love with the great Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. It is believed that they had a son named Ptolemy Caesar. He is known to have abused his power immensely and see himself as the divine leader of the Romans. He was assassinated by members of the republican senate on March 15 44 BCE, The Ides of March. Julius Caesar is known for many contributions to world history. He became the first Roman leader to be defied by the people. He was the dictator of Rome for quite some time but he was eventually assassinated by member of the senate. This event was immortalized when Shakespeare wrote his play, holding the name of the great Caesar. He brought the Roman Empire to prosperity by carrying out much needed reform, relieving debt, enlarging the senate, and revising the calendar.
Caesars army was more loyal to him than to the state which led to bloody civil wars that broke the empire apart slowly and led to its ultimate collapse following his death. The Roman Empire