Julius Caesar Essay

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Dear Brutus,
I have heard that Cassius is attempting to convince you to join a conspiracy to kill Caesar. Because I am a citizen I know that the other people of Rome love Caesar and want him as their ruler. So let me, as your friend, try to persuade you to not help in the malicious plot to murder Caesar. The conspiracy was not created because Cassius fears for Rome and what Caesar will make of it but because Cassius and the others are jealous of Caesars power. Recently I heard Cassius say “did I the tired Caesar- and this man is now become a god, and Cassius is a wretched creature, and must bend his body if Caesar carelessly but nod on him” (1.2.115-118). Cassius wants you involved with the murder to convince Rome that Caesar has ambitious intentions and is not the leader that the city deserves. Because of your good name Cassius’ plan to assassinate Caesar will not be seen as a murder but as a service to the city. Driven by his own avarice, Cassius is using you to further his career in Rome. If you participate in Cassius’ plot to kill Caesar you will be betraying a good friend. I see at the time of Caesars death the only words that come to him is, “et tu, brute!” (3.1.74). Caesar sees you as his greatest friend and one of very few people he can trust in a sea of enemies. By betraying Caesar you will be ruining your honorable name and the citizens of Rome will no longer trust you. As a friend of Caesar you know that he is a fair and generous ruler. His will shall prove that he cares for the people of Rome, “Here is the will and under