Julius Caesar Alexander The Great Compare And Contrast Paper

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Compare and Contrast Paper

Julius Caesar v.s Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were some of the greatest rulers that have ever lived. Each of which had values that ultimately ended up ending both of their lives.
Alexander and Julius Caesar were similar in that they were killed because they were murdered by people who were supposed to be their protectors or whom were supposed to be their friends at the very least. Their Political Styles, treatment of various cultures, and interactions with other nations greatly affected how they were viewed in the light of ethical and moral values.
Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great were stated as great political and war leaders. They were looking for total domination of the known world.
They were interested in creating this new system to reap its financial benefits. These rulers were too focused on conquering the world; and this ambition lead to their deaths because the people that were supposed to follow them began to dislike how they carried themselves as leaders, and how they began to get too big headed. Julius tried to turn the Republic of Rome into a dictatorship and he greatly upset the corrupt senators of Rome and ultimately got killed by his “Bestfriend” and senator, Brutus
The same process could be said of Alexander
. Alexander was so focused on gaining more and more power that he

rarely let his men rest or go to see their families. This made one of his men angry enough for the killer to want to murder this great military leader, but perhaps not the best of friends. There are many rumors and stories that the assassin had been a sleeper agent of sorts who may have been working for one of the enemies of Alexander.
In reality, it is more likely that this man was upset with Alexanders harsh rules. Just because Alexander thought he was a God did not mean the rest of the known world did.
His soldiers were unhappy with the way they were being treated
, and became less and less loyal to him. In this classification these rulers were not very ethical and didn’t have good moral values. This blindness of how to treat people ended in their ultimate defeats by the people that they least expected to turn on them.
Julius and Alexander treated different civilizations in differing ways. Alexander was very ethical and moral in this area by spreading his empire without any more than, what he thought, was the necessary destruction of the different cultures. Alexander left behind some of his men to marry into the different civilizations in order to create a form of trust and loyalty back to Alexander without having to destroy another civilization by forcing the citizens to obey him out of fear.
Whereas Alexander took the more subtle approach to spreading his Empire; Julius spread the Roman Empire through complete and utter destruction, or in other word he took a completely unethical route to conquering more land by destroying everything and everyone in his army’s path. Rome as a whole ruled their empire through fear as well as power in the numbers and skills of their warriors. People under his rule only acted as if they enjoyed being controlled by the Roman Empire because they were afraid of what may happen if they were to speak

out against this totalitarian leadership. Julius was truly no better than a serial killer with a craving for power and glory. Julius was also one of the largest copy