Julius Caesar Brutus Quotes

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In Julius Caesar, Cassius is revealed through what he says, what he does, and what others say about him. As presented in the play, Cassius is one of the senators that organized Caesar’s assassination and becomes a very close friend to Brutus. Unfortunately, during the war between the triumvirate, Marc Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus, and the conspirators, Cassius asks his servant Pindarus to stab him when he receives news of Titinius’s supposed death. The author of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, portrays Cassius as a clever, ambitious, emotional, and dangerous man. William Shakespeare uses the techniques mentioned earlier to characterize Cassius. One way William Shakespeare reveals Cassius is through what Cassius says. One remark from Julius Caesar that shows this takes place during the argument that Cassius and Brutus have at Sardis. This remark is made by Cassius to Brutus during the heated quarrel. “Brutus, bait not me! I’ll not endure it. You forget yourself to hedge me in. I am a soldier, I, older in practice, abler than yourself to make conditions” (143). This remark portrays Cassius as emotional at times, prone to anger, and having high standards for himself. The quote shows this because he is angrily yelling at Brutus to not provoke him and he says that he should be the one in …show more content…
Describing a character through what he says and does allow some room for interpretation of Cassius’s character for the readers because it is alluded to instead of being simply stated. When characterizing through what someone else says about him, it introduces other perspectives into the interpretation of Cassius’s character and can make it a little bit easier for readers to determine Cassius’s characteristics. All in all, Shakespeare presumably applied these characterization techniques to open up interpretation of Cassius’s character to the