Julius Caesar Tragic Hero Analysis

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Most people think in The Tragedy Julius Caesar, written by Shakespeare, that Caesar is the tragic hero; however, Brutus is the tragic hero. A tragic hero is a greek term that means a person who faces adversity, or demonstrates courage in the face of danger . Brutus is a tragic hero because he courageously faces the challenging fact that he has to kill Caesar, to protect the general good of the people. Also, a tragic hero will also show sad emotions, like pity and fear.
Brutus has a noble personality; in which, it helps him do what he thinks is best for the people. Brutus did not kill Caesar for personal gain but he did it for the general good of the people. In Brutus’ mind he believes that his friendship with Caesar is important; however, the general good of the people is his number one priority. Also, Brutus does not deceive anyone, unlike Cassius who persuaded Brutus to kill Caesar. The third reason is he the
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Brutus has hamartia, which states that his tragic flaws lead to his downfall. On of his tragic flaws, he think that it is his responsible to take care of the citizens of Rome. Which shows the tragic hero characteristic hubris that mean that he has excessive pride. An example of hubris found in Act III, Scene ii, lines 12 - 30 state that Brutus loved Caesar but he love Rome more. Later in the story he finds out how much the people love Caesar and how devastated they were when he died. This is known as anagnorisis and can be seen later in the story that they made Caesar a God like figure; furthermore in Act III, Scene iii where the mob will kill an innocent man because he had that same name as one of the conspirators shows the citizen’s love for Caesar.
In conclusion, Brutus was the tragic hero of The Tragedy Julius Caesar. He has many characteristic of a tragic hero, like hamartia, hubris, anagnorisis, and catharsis. In which leads Brutus does some bad things, but he did them for good