Julius Caesar Tragic Hero Essay

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Through out the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the main character of the play is has a highly moral conscience, who suffers and dies because of a tragic weakness in his character Three important requirements of a tragic hero are: a superiority of the character which makes his destruction seem tragic, goodness which arouses sympathy and his tragic flaws. Brutus suits ideally in the definition of a tragic hero.
First of all, Brutus is considered as s superior because he has close friendship with Caesar; furthermore, because the popularity he has with the people of Rome. His popularity is the main reason why the conspirators make Brutus join the conspiracy. Brutus’ good reputation and morals are obvious throughout the play, he sees only the righteousness in people and naively believes others are as honorable like him. Even his
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An internal conflict can be noticed in Brutus mind debating between Caesar and his country; however, his decision is clearly shown in his conversation with Cassius, “I do fear the people choose Caesar for their king” (I, ii, 4) and at the beginning of his speech, “It must be by his death in fact”(II, i) , Brutus shows that he is more loyal to Rome than Caesar. But ,Brutus did show his love for Caesar as he said to Antony in Act III “Our hearts you see not; they are pitiful hath done this deed on Caesar”(III, i, 9) furthermore during his speech he says, “If that friend demand why not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more”(III, ii) Brutus did not completely betrayed Caesar, since he had a good cause for what he had done being to avert a tyranny. He truly believed that killing Caesar was for the good of Rome and to protect them from the possible tyranny. Everything Brutus has done was never of selfish reasons. In his participation on the assassination,