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English 10
12 December , 2012 The drama Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare, was scripted not only to entertain, but also to brief audience members as to the natures of power struggles. This theatrical performance follows the last days of the infamous Roman Dictator, Julius Caesar, up too and following his assassination. Unlike most plays, “Julius Caesar”, does not end right after the assassination. This play leads on to show the endeavor the Romans took on trying to the gap of power Caesars death left. In the play, many characters seem responsible for Caesar’s death, in spite of this , the most at fault is Casca because he promises to take the situation as far as he can, gives life to voices of people whom would of said nothing,and finally because he was the first one to move forward and strike Caesar First .Without Casca’s influence and voice the conspiracy may have never come together. Cassius is undoubtedly the mastermind of the setup against Caesar, and Brutus is the advocate that the plebeians need to arouse towards him, but neither men have the courage to publicly act upon it. Casca, however , shamelessly states,”And I set this foot of mine as far as who goes farthest”(Act 1, scene iii). Casca’s commitment to this, establishes confidence in his accomplice, which starts the first steps necessary to carry out the murder of Julius Caesar. Had it not been for Casca who so strongly ached to see the downfall of Caesar, none of the conspirators would of followed through. Casca needs neither Brutus or Cassius ,for Brutus just serves as help for publicity and convincing the plebeians , wit was Cassius offered none of which were needed by Casca . Being self dependant was not a mutual factor, Unlike Casca who does not need them , they depend on his reassurance to move forward with their roles. This is most noticeable in Act II,scene iii, when casca is the first to stab Caesar stating,” Speak hands for me”. Casca is a man of action. Furthermore, it is Cassius who tells Casca when to take action and go through with the plan , showing the audience that there is a need Casca that Cassius himself cannot fill. Many readers may argue that Caesar is responsible for his own death , or that it Cassius and Brutus are more directly connected than