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When I took accounting last semester I thought that it was all about numbers and how you balance your checkbook. After finishing Accounting 210 I found that it’s a little more than seeing if your money balances. I honestly didn’t feel that I would use anything I would learn in either 210 or 211, however after seeing our guest speaker I feel that I was wrong. In the future when I start my own business account will definitely come in handy. Even if I don’t plan on doing all the accounting myself, at least I will be able to understand what is going on with the business’ money. The vision of accounting is very two dimensional to many people, it was for me, but now I see that it’s not about sitting in a cubical punching in numbers on a calculator. I still don’t feel as though my major will be in accounting, but it is nice to see that it’s not as boring as it sounds. I have many strengths, me best is my outgoing personality. I am very energetic and love to keep myself busy with multiple tasks. I think that I may have traits of obsessive compulsiveness, which in this case is a good attribute because I am organized and very driven to complete my goals. Most of the time if I am not doing anything then I will find something to do to keep myself busy. I guess people also think that I am impatient, but only when it comes to waiting on others’ to complete a task. I am a leader; I love to be in charge whether it’s a project or a group of people. Some might think that my bluntness is a strength, but it can also be viewed as a weakness, I guess it depends on the point of view. Personally I believe that people play around too much, lead someone else into thinking another way and should just get to the point. I hate guessing games and surprises, and I hate being wrong (side note: these are the reasons my dad told me to become a lawyer, but I HATE to read). My weaknesses are not as abundant as my strengths. I know that I am a