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Disadvantages of a Negative Relationship
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There are many stereotypes portrayed in mainstream society and most people are affected by them in one way or another. Women are portrayed as feminine, thin and fashionable. Men are portrayed as strong, independent and intelligent. There are always exceptions to these stereotypes in pop-culture but for the most part this is what we, as humans, are told to emulate.

The relationship is less than perfect for many siblings. From a very young age children with siblings are taught about competition. Each child wants to receive the larger portion of affection and attention. The problem with this relationship is that for one child to receive their desired attention the other will not.

The relationship between men and women has been very public. The fight for equality has gone on for years with women fighting back against every challenge brought to them. The latest challenge is the loss of feminism. Women have a lot of rights in many places in the world and this has lead to many women deciding that they have done enough. The word “Feminism” has received a negative connotation over the years and many people picture a feminists as angry, outspoken women, when in reality a feminists simply believe in equality between men and women. Women, in the struggle to be equal to men, have been continually pushed down by things like unequal pay and inability to vote.

Many people have negative relationships with food. Whether someone over-eats, makes unhealthy choices or doesn't eat at all they can face negative side-effects. Some of these include: depression, lowering of self-esteem and traits can be passed onto other people. A major side-effect can be the contraction of an illnesses such as, diabetes, bulimia and anorexia.

The relationship between humans and animals is a very complex and hidden relationship. I say hidden because most people are ignorant to the conditions that a very large portion of earths animals are forced to live in today. I forced myself to become aware of this relationship and it lead me to become a vegetarian. For animals the problems of this relationship are fairly obvious, they are beaten, slaughtered, and stuffed with a fattening formula. The sole purpose of most animals is to be eaten, most never get to smell fresh air.

The relationship between people in a broken family can be very harmful to a kids future relationships because they will have a corrupted idea of what a loving relationship should be like. In a single parent life-style the children may be forced to take on large responsibilities at young ages causing them to miss out on many experiences.

Benefits of a Positive Relationship
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