June 13th: A Short Story

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Two ham radio base stations and a hand full of mobile units would be nice as well. I’ll have to keep an eye out for beef cattle or goats when we go out. Back to the present since the corn was finished I had a bucket of sunflower seeds to plant. These plants have several uses but I was thinking cooking oil. The seeds go in the ground two feet apart with the rows three foot apart. When they get larger poles will be needed for support. It only took half a day to get the planting done.
Tuesday June 12th the first wood party went out. I seemed to be the tree selector since the only Yuri had cut wood before. After felling a tree with the chain saw the others would go to work trimming branches and cutting lengths from the smaller ends with bow saws. By noon half the crew was carrying wood to the tractor cart to be hauled back to the Checkovs’ house, split and stacked. I was letting the rest of the crew try their hand at downing trees. To date no dead have shown up despite the noise and activity but one man was always on guard duty. Wednesday June 13th was the same only felling trees on the Ruckstone farm. Both days we had enough wood cut to keep the haulers and splitters busy for another day at each farm. After the
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I was using a fold up solar panel to charge the battery. Everything but the solar panel fit in a backpack that came with the kit. The second night I did some listening and could hear voices only most weren’t clear. There was one guy from Chicago that came in clear but he kept fading in and out. I’ll have to hike up the ridge some night and see what I can hear. We are having withdrawal from the information age. Everybody wants news. I even miss the weathermen even though they were often wrong. It seems funny now not to have any idea what the weather might deliver. Somewhere in all those boxes in Emma’s basement is a