June Lightner Essay

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Candace Lightner is MADD Lightner once said: “I promised myself on the day of Cari’s death that I would fight to make needless homicide count for something positive in the years ahead” (Hanson). Her daughter being murdered by an intoxicated driver changed her world. Candace Lightner’s horrific past motivated her to bring awareness to drunk driving, resulting in stricter laws enforced. Candace Lightner’s family tragedies impacted her decisions and the leadership she took on. Her three children were hit by unsuitable drivers at separate times and Lightner was scarred. Lightner’s son suffered permanent brain damage and one of her daughters was killed (Hanson). These events blemished her world, grieving the death of her daughter, and her son …show more content…
The day after her daughter’s funeral, Lightner started MADD in her living room on May 7, 1980 (Hanson). She wanted to quickly raise awareness on the effects on drunk driving in remembrance of her daughter and wasted no time. Not yet properly grieving her young child’s life, she jumped into putting her plans in action. In the process of building up MADD, Lightner met Cindi Lamb who has had experience with drunk drivers also, and they teamed up together. Lamb’s infant daughter was hit by an under the influence driver, left paralyzed (Grimm, French, and Pak). Through their connection, they were able to relate and Lamb instantly agreed with Lightner’s plans to put restriction on drunk driving. Though the two ladies lived on opposite coasts of the United States, it worked so they could command their side of the country. Being the founder of MADD was tough and came with sacrifices and fights. With no political background, Lightner quit her job but her commitment meant nothing to the protesters (Hanson). Hardcore alcoholics didn’t appreciate the fact that this woman was trying to prevent them from drinking as much as they pleased. But Lightner fought tooth and nail and refused to let them bring her down. Lightner risked it all to bring attention to drunk driving and faced it head-on, even when things seemed